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M.Systems expertise in developing high-quality ebooks for self-published authors, book designers, businesses, and publishers worldwide. M.Systems have years of experience in the publishing world.We offer complete digital and print production services including formatting and conversion, design, layout, and production of bookstore-quality print books, cover design for print and ebooks manuscript editing and proofreading and publishing consulting.

At M.Systems, our aim is to present you a powerful ebook without compromising clarity and ease of use. Even if you don't require a template, you'll find a drag and drop control option that makes stellar design simple.

There are two main types of ebook which includes: Standard (re-flowable): This is the most common, widely supported ebook standard. It is best for text-only books or ones with few illustrations. Novels and many non-fiction titles such as reference works and biographies are usually created as standard ebooks. Standard ebooks can include images, tables, lists and a varying degree of control over typefaces. However, text and ‘page' size is controlled by the reader device or application. Device settings for text size, background color and more can also be overridden by the user, so it's possible for the layout to change.

Fixed-layout: Fixed-layout ebooks allow for more complex page layouts where absolute control over element placement is required. Children's titles, recipe books, and illustrated textbooks are often created as fixed-layout ebooks. Fixed layout ebooks give us more control over image placement, typography, text columns and more, although users can still change device orientation, zoom in, or make adjustments to text size. We see the requirements of each ebook project and determine the which type is best suited for you.

E-books brings strengths to the learning situarions like: linguistic, logical, mathematical, interpersonal, musical, spatial and even naturalistic parameters; M.Systems creates E-books for you to make learing easy!

No matter what you are - a publishing veteran or first-timer - working with us is pleasant and hassle-free. We'll assist you through the design and publishing process, manage the project, and deliver the professional-quality print books and ebooks you need. Get started with us and have a look at our portfolio, more about us, or feedback from our wonderful and precious clients. Feel free to call our team to assist you with the best option for you!

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