Mobile Learning

M.Systems is a leading provider of mobile learning solutions whose expertise comes from years of experience in the eLearning solutions industry. We know how to meet business needs for mobile training and development. Our mobile learning contents include: mobile delivery of online multimedia-based training & reference materials, conversion of existing Flash-based legacy courses to cross-platform and/or specific iPad and Android tablets, mini-course or mobile training updates for mobile and smartphones, eBooks and job aids for mobile devices, customized App-based mLearning, accessible mobile learning, animated avatars and on-screen mentors, full motion video, simulation and gaming, customized illustrated designs, case studies and scenarios.

We work with your team to find development styles and tools for mobile learning according to your requirement. We can deliver a wide range of mobile training solutions using a variety of tools. We understand your mobile learning needs and the learning environment, then based on design and technical considerations, they come up with u. There are a variety of approaches and important ramifications that must be understood, therefore M.Systems helps you to define your requirements and assist in developing your mobile learning strategy.

We at M.Systems ensures that we leverage on this higher learner engagement for a more effective learning through mobile learning strategy.

At M.Systems, we have developed a number of efficient and cost-effective mobile learning solutions helping our clients stay competitive with a well-informed workforce. Mobile learning solutions of M.Systems are adaptable, scalable, and available on demand to meet the needs of the tech-savvy workforce.

Contact us with a brief outline of your Mobile Learning requirements, discuss your mobile Learning project with one of our experts to get a free consultation and we'll love to assist you!

Flash to HTML Conversion

Msystem offers you one stop flash to HTML conversion services that enables their clients to leverage the rich flash animation, graphical interactions and drawing capabilities of Adobe Flash while you make the transition to the new cross-browser cross-device HTML for improved playing on smart phones and tablets. HTML5 is designed to be a multi-platform / cross-platform technology.

With our "Flash to HTML5 Conversion" Services, we aim to support our clients derive the benefit of interactive design and motion graphic animation content previously unavailable on the iOS, Android and other platforms, and consequently avoid lost impressions and create better exposure for your brand – also on mobile devices. We expertize in transforming your Flash content into compatible HTML5 versions at a significantly low time and cost investment.

We also use exploiting different technologies like Google Dart to leverage the core animation and illustration functionalities of Flash comprising vectors, bitmaps, classic tweens, and audio features. As a creative agency, we have tried so many of the Flash to HTML conversion services out there. We fixed everything broken with Flash to HTML, & improved the rest.

Mobile Learning is a revolution promotes quality eLearning experiences byrevealing a plethora of mobile learning benefits.

We offer you super friendly service, guaranteed customer satifaction and hassle-free experience. A crazy-high level of code.

Our developers, in a word, are AMAZING. These guys and gals live and breathe code. It’s their passion, and their life. They create code that’s clean enough to eat off of. We put a lot of care into giving you code that doesn’t just work - but looks stunning. So let’s talk. Tell us about your needs, your projects, and we can figure out the best way to work together. Give us designs for all sizes - and we’ll perfectly code them. But maybe you only have time to design the desktop site? Not a problem.

We’re here for you to help you grow and flourish and code your awesome designs.

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