Software Localization

M.Systems specializes in complete comprehensive high-quality localization and linguistic solutions for software development companies who want to develop and simultaneously deliver multi-language versions of their applications. Whether you're a new start-up or an industry giant, we can shape a complete strategy-to-deployment localization solution that includes the languages, services, and level of guidance you need. We have an extensive experience utilizing global best practices for the development and localization of software. Our team at Msystems can serve as part of your development team to ensure that the language versions of your software are produced in a cost-effective, time-efficient and culturally-correct manner.

Selection process of our experts and professionals is very detailed. Our software localization teams are professionals skilled in global software design and development. Based on your languages, subject matter. They expertise in localization assessments, implementation, and testing; numerous programming languages; Database design, and development and multilingual enablement.

As a software localization specialist we offer you software translation and localization services include: Localization of user interface, online help, and printed documentation Comprehensive and customizable quality control Utilization of Translation Memory technologies for consistency and cost savings from one project to another Client-driven development workflows Software internationalization, localization and functionality testing as required by our clients Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process Comprehensive product testing, including linguistic review, cross-platform functional testing, and BiDi functionality testing Options include local testing.

Why Choose Us?
When it comes to software localization - the art of translating and adapting software in an accurate and culturally-correct manner and not just translating words, is critical to going global with your business. M.Systems linguists are native speakers and reside in the target countries, so you receive the highest-quality and most-accurate translations possible.

We go through a detailed software localization process which includes internationalization, Glossary preparation, translation, proofreading, testing, QA and client review.

M.Systems' Software Localization ensures that your software 'speaks' the language of your customers.

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